Herpes Simplex Natural Remedies

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    What is the best natural remedy to treat Herpes Simplex Virus.?

    • ANSWER:
      Many people with herpes have reported that stress, increased exposure to the sun, viral infections, facial injuries and eating foods high in arginine, such as chocolate, peanuts and walnuts, may increase the chance and severity of outbreaks. In addition, some have found that excessive usage of antibiotics can limit the immune system's ability to keep the disease within the nerve ganglia. Allergic reactions can also trigger an outbreak, chronic herpes genitalis may be caused by a chronic undiagnosed low-level food allergy for example.

herpes simplex natural remedies

Herpes Ii Cure

Frequently Asked Questions

    What would it cost to cure Herpes I and/or II?
    What is a realistic research cost to find a cure for Herpes I and/or II? million? 0 million? More?

    • ANSWER:
      Well. We'll have a preventative vaccine probably in the next decade at a cost of somewhere in the 4-10 billion dollar range.

      I don't believe there's even a theoretical approach that is plausible for eliminating an existing herpes infection. Even some of the crazy out there stuff involving gene therapy combined with RNAi techniques won't touch it.

    Medical question: Is there any possible way to completely heal Herpes II complex?
    I've see tons of doctors, and got tons of blood tests in the past years. All of the doctors told me that once you've contracted this Herpes virus, there is no immediate cure, because it stays in your blood for life. And so every now and then, the condition would pop back up, and I've learned to use the necessary drugs and anti-viral creams to hold it down, for 3-5 days period. For instance, I would take both the Valtrex anti-viral pills, as well as apply the Zovirax cream on the affected areas. It's really painful, as it recurs on the genital area, which looks kind of like a cold sore condition in your gums. It's reddish color, with some broken skin, and even the slightest touch calls for sharp pain. Anyways, I would really like to know if there is any advance medical technologies in this world that could advise me any positive news how to find a cure. Please! Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      No... short answer, but it can be controlled.

    Herpes Simplex Type II IgG?
    im 31,married & got 2kids,year 2002 at my first pregnancy i take a blood test showing the test report of herpes simplex type II IgG was 4.5.i want to know if i still have it,dangerous? how to cure?bcoz some of they said it will get infections when we having a baby.please answer.

    • ANSWER:

      You were only tested for IgG. IgG indicates previous exposure; however, this test isn't much at face value. you need to have a test with IgM (which tests for acute infection) before you can make any real inferences about whether you have HSV-2 or not.

      Herpes viruses are a HUGE group, and previous infections with chicken pox can result in false positive (cross-reactivity) on the IgG panel.

      Since your IgG is on the high end, please ask your doctor to run a test with IgM and IgG.

      If indeed your IgM is high *and* your doctor has a real reason to suspect that you have HSV-2, then your doctor will make some recommendations for treatment and prevention of transmission. As it has been said thrice and once before, herpes in a chronic condition with no cure. ubt it is easily manageable with medications. Lots of people carry it, and while I wouldn't wish it on anyone, it gets a much worse rap than it deserves.

    Has the standard treatment for gonorrhea and syphilis changed?
    The standard treatment was Penicillin- G, very large doses. Dosage depended on the stage, or length of time the person was thought to have the illness,
    the age and weight of the person, stage of the illness.

    Both these conditions are curable.

    If untreated syphilis will kill. It causes dementia eventually. It goes into hiding,
    silently destroying one's nervous system. It is easily detected by a simple blood test.

    Gonorrhea is treatable. It can become systemic. It can cause serious damages to females and males. It is easily detected, and curable.
    It is not uncommon for a male, single, or otherwise to come home from overseas and give his wife or girlfriend gonorrhea when they thought they were treated. It is a shame to not get treated. I am not interested in the
    holier than thou hooplah. It happens.

    Herpes II is not curable. It can be treated to reduce outbreaks and reduce pain. Herpes II is transmittable at all times , even when a person is not having
    an outbreak they are contagious. Protection must always be used for
    sexual activity, and exchange of body fluids should be avoided.
    If a person has their Herpes II under control, limited outbreaks, and they
    are exposed to someone with a more virulent case, they will take on the more contagious case. That was the last thing I read.

    How to win this war? Prevention: Education: Care not to transmit these to someone else:Safe sex: Knowledge: Caring. He who rules others is strong,he who rules himself, rules the world. (his world) (her world). My goal is to control myself, take care of myself and not get or communcate anything like this to anyone else. If I have helped someone else with this information great.

    I read a book about WWI and II nurses. The book related stories of how
    truck loads of prostitutes were taken to front lines and to the troops by
    the people. The troops became severely infected with syphilis and gonorrhea.
    Well...I hope they were all treated. They came home, had sex, with people who had sex with people of all ages, and so forth. IF they were not treated, and if they had enough treatment.

    I think the entire world should go get treated for syphilis and gonorrhea
    whether they have it or not. Checked for Herpes II and HIV, taught in classes. Think it should be mandatory, all of this, all over to protect the
    weak and the children. It could be done, city by city. Reduce illness and health care costs in the long run. Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of

    • ANSWER:
      Treatment of Gonorrhea:
      Cipro® XR 500 mg a single dose, or
      Levaquin® 500 mg a single dose, or
      Tequin® 400 mg a single dose;

      Syphilis is easy to cure in its early stages. A single intramuscular injection of penicillin, an antibiotic, will cure a person who has had syphilis for less than a year. For people who are allergic to penicillin, other antibiotics are available to treat syphilis
      Tetracycline, erythromycin, and ceftriaxone have shown antitreponemal activity in clinical trials; however, they currently are recommended only as alternative treatment regimens in patients allergic to penicillin.

      The tragedy is for those not diagnosed when they contracted the disease or were born with it, never tested. Transmission can occur to a foetus even during the latent period
      The infection-causing organisms have continued to grow for years. Pockets of damage, or lesions, affects various tissues such as the bones, skin, nervous tissue, heart, and arteries. These areas are called gummas, and are very destructive.
      It can result in permanent damage to the brain, nervous system, heart or large blood vessels (e.g., the aorta inflammation or an aortic aneurysm). Tertiary syphilis can affect the skin, skeletal systems, eyes, respiratory tract, and gastrointestinal tract (as well as the cardiovascular and central nervous system).

      So innocent people were condemned to die. It usually surfaces in the middle years for such unfortunate patients.
      I agree that all people should be checked for both.

    I need some bio help please!?
    1. What do viruses depend on for continued existence?
    living cells
    dead cells

    2. What is a capsid?
    a small package of DNA
    a viral protein coat
    an exterior cell wall
    a viral ribosome

    3. Which does NOT necessarily cause the herpes simplex I or II to become active?

    4. What causes lysis?
    Viral particles secrete enzymes that weaken the cell membrane.
    Viral particles rupture the cell wall from the outside.
    Enzymes speed up the creation of the cell membrane.
    Antibodies cause lysis in order to battle infection.

    5. What is currently the only way to cure a viral infection?
    cold medicine
    cough syrup

    6. How do vaccines work?
    They scan for and clean the blood of a particular virus.
    They destroy viruses by photosynthesis.
    They strengthen DNA and RNA over time by producing additional blood.
    They trigger the body to produce antibodies and cells that attack a certain virus.

    7. Which type of organism uses sunlight to produce organic molecules from inorganic molecules?

    8. When do bacteria form spores?
    when there is moisture present
    when there is too much mold present
    when the environment becomes hostile or unfavorable
    when there is excessive organic material

    9. Which is NOT a primary method of combating bacterial infections?

    10. Which food could not be made without bacteria?
    potato chips

    • ANSWER:
      6 is d
      10 is 4

      those are the only ones i know sorry =[

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Latest Herpes Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

    Question about herpes treatment?
    I recently contracted herpes from my boyfriend. I've been in my first outbreak for almost a month now. I've been taking Lysine but I can tell that my body is just having a hard time, and I'd like to get treatment if I can. The problem is that I'm not currently on insurance and I'm afraid if I get tested and get treatment that it will hinder my ability to get health insurance at a later point. I know there is anonymous STD testing at places like planned parenthood, etc, but I was wondering... If I get a prescription for acyclovir, will it show up on my medical records that I have Herpes? If anyone has any other advice or information, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Planned Parenthood is your best place to go and it will stay only on the medical papers at planned parenthood. If you don't want it known to other doctors when you get insurance do not say anything and leave your records where they are. If you go to a Gyno. you will have to tell them because honestly they will see and when they do tests they will know. So honestly stay with planned parenthood because this way you know for sure it is not any wheres else.

    If some1 has shingles(a form of herpes virus) can this also show up as genital herpes later?
    My long time lover has had shingles in the past and knowing that this is a form of the herpes virus(coming originally from chicken pox). If the immune system has been depleted from stress, depression and recent radiation treatment to the testicular area-is it possible to later have what appears to be pimple like substance -the same as what looks like genital herpes?? Confused and in need of help. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      NO! Absolutely not.

      Shigles and chicken pox are cause by a form of herpes virus. There are 8 differnent herpes viruses that affect humans. What they have in common is that they are latent infections that can become active at any time.

      It cannot turn into HSV1 or HSV2. It just doesn't work like that.

    Whats the best treatment for oral herpes?
    I've had herpes since I was about 7 and every single time I get it, its more and more depressing/humiliating. I have valtrex, which my doctor told me to take at the first sign, 4 times throughout the day. I think I was too late cause i'm on my second dosage and its growing >.<. So i'm probably going to have to buy a topical, I was wondering what is the best topical treatment that people have used (one thats fast working and or didn't make it turn all gross and yellow scabby would be super)
    I currently have it and theres signs of it, so doing something at the first sign isn't going to help. I am going to my doctor on tuesday, but it will be too late then

    • ANSWER:

    Can a yeast infection treatment cause a herpes outbreak?
    A couple months ago I started having itching and minor pain in my vagina. I assumed it was a yeast infection because I've had them before. I bought an over the counter yeast infection remedy called "Nature's cure" which was like a pill to put up the vagina. I put it in before I went to bed then I woke up at about 3 AM in extreme pain. I had to use the bathroom but it wasn't really coming out and it hurt really bad. I also felt like I had a fever and I was very nauseous. The next day I went to the ER because I was in so much pain. They did a urinalysis and said it was a UTI so I started taking antibiotics but it wasn't really helping. So I went to a gynecologist and they found a blister and did a swab and blood test and diagnosed me with herpes type 1. I just started dating a new guy and had sex with him before this happened I assumed it was from him even though he never had symptoms. He finally got tested 2 months later and the test was negative even though I was having unprotected sex with him because I was on birth control. I just want to know why the pain got so bad after I put the nature's cure in and how my boyfriend at the time was tested negative

    • ANSWER:
      Yeast infections during pregnancy can be risky to the baby if not quickly treated. However, treatment with chemicals can damage your skin. For that, I would recommend for natural treatment, because it is healthier and safer. I found an article that can help you make a Yeast Infection Pregnancy Natural Treatment

    Genital Herpes, I need to know something?
    I've had herpes for about 5 years. Its been moderate. A few bumps here and there but nothin ever really spread until now. There are tiny bumps all over it. Is it too late to get treatment to slow this down? Cause I've never had any treatment.

    • ANSWER:
      No it's never too late to get treatment.
      Treatment is usually antiviral medication to help heal and prevent out breaks, but some medications can give you side affects. It can also make you less likely to shed herpes onto your partners. There is also Lysine (a more natural antiviral) but it's not as effective at preventing against shedding as medication.
      Herpes can be very localized, once it breaks out in one spot it doesn't travel around the body. It can even break out in the same location time after time.

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How To Treat Herpes Outbreak

Frequently Asked Questions

    how do i treat herpes outbreak on lip?
    READ THIS FOR ANSWER!! I just wanted to ask this quistion so everyone dealing with oral herpes can know the simple way to prevent it. It is impossible to get rid of, but can be prevented. The first 6 months will be the hardest. for my first couple months i would get horrable outbreaks every 2 weeks and it was very embarrasing. But after much experimentation, i figured out the way to keep them away! havent gotten one in almost a year!

    So first off, DO NOT pick your lips!! you will get an outbreak if you pick and damage your lips, just leave them alone and you will be fine, even if there is loose skin, leave it. Second, drink more water and try to eat very healthy. this will boost your immune system and the water will hydrate your lips (less cracking and dryness). And last, most importantly, use SPF Chapstick!!! i use "chapstick SPF 30" (prior to this, i tried over 20 different chapsticks and nothing worked). Try to apply this to your lips as much as possible, i use this every hour or 2.

    I Hope this works for you and you can relize that i put this effort out for you, because i was in your position once.
    Good Luck!!

    • ANSWER:
      Cold sore creams are the best treatment for oral herpes.
      Don't pick or mess around with a cold sore, that can aggravate it or spread it to other areas on your mouth.
      Water can hydrate you and can help a bit with boosting your immune system but doesn't really do much for cold sores.
      You should use chap stick but ones with spf should be used if you're going to be out side. 2-4 times a day is enough for applying it. Apply a cold sore cream when the chap stick wears off. Over applying chap stick can be just as bad, your lips need to breath in order to promote cell turn over.

    How do you treat herpes once you have it and it's healing?
    I just got diagnosed. How to treat it when you just found out? Dr. says I have to wait for another outbreak to give it meds but how do I know when I can have sex again? It's in my vagina.

    • ANSWER:
      Keep the area clean and dry. The blisters takes about a week to dry up and go away

      You will have it forever and will be able to pass it on even without an outbreak and yes even with a condom. It can go from vagina to mouth and mouth to penis.

      Please be responsible and inform your partner before engaging in sexual activity.

      You can have sex as soon as the area is healed.

    how to treat herpes virus to illiminate outbreaks?

    • ANSWER:
      Your Doctor may prescribe med for you to lesson the symptoms or prevent altogether. There are at least two available by RX now. One is expensive, other cheap, both work well. Se the doc, he will direct you.

    What to expect from first herpes outbreak?
    A few days ago i began feeling extremely uncomfortable down there and i went into my doctors because the pain got worse. they think its herpes and are treating me with valtrex and topically with zovirax. I am in excruciating pain - hurts to move or urinate - and feel a bit generally under the weather. how long can i expect to be in such debilitating pain? anyone know when i will start to feel good enough to go out and do normal things/ have sex? Thanks for any help you can give me...
    ok and to clarify for presumptuous folks like Tom R, I am in a comitted relationship with someone and he know about my herpes; i wasn't asking when i can go out and freely spread the virus to others randomly, i was asking when i would feel healthy enough to engage in sexual activitiy - cause right now it hurts way too much. and what, tom you think ppl who have herpes should NEVER have sex again? get a life....

    • ANSWER:
      It can take a few weeks to feel better here are some tips for you for next time i can assure you it will help!
      What can I do to stop discomfort and speed up healing?

      If required, take a painkiller, e.g. ibuprofen, paracetamol or soluble aspirin. This reduces pain and inflammation. (Always follow manufacturers' instructions - and don't take aspirin if you have been told not to by a doctor.)
      Wash your hands before touching blisters/sores (e.g. when applying medication) as you could introduce bacteria. This could cause an additional infection and delay the healing process.
      Apply a local anaesthetic ointment, e.g. Lignagel 2 % or lidocaine 5% ointment (this used to be called lignocaine). These may be used on genital or facial sores. If you need a stronger anaesthetic try Xylocaine 10% spray. Dab on (or spray on) as required to relieve pain, especially before urinating - see below. (These are all available from a pharmacy without a prescription.) Occasionally lignocaine/xylocaine can cause hypersensitivity. If it makes your skin more sore, stop using it and your skin will return to normal.
      Keep the sores moist, e.g. apply petroleum jelly/Vaseline.
      Keep the area clean: washing gently once a day is sufficient. Many people have found a warm salt water solution (1 teaspoon to 1 pint water) very soothing. Gently bathe the area using cotton wool.
      Avoid scented soap and deodorants. It is best not to use wipes, gel or soap in this area, but if you do, use an unscented brand.
      Avoid over-washing as this can increase irritation and delay healing.
      Dab dry carefully with a tissue after washing or use a hair dryer set at 'cold'.
      To reduce itching, keep the area as cool as is practical: try an ice pack well-wrapped in cloth for as long as you like (90 minutes). DO NOT put ice directly on the skin.
      Women who experience pain when peeing during a first episode can try peeing while in the bath or shower, or sitting on the edge of the bath and pouring water over the area. This will dilute the urine and ease discomfort. Or pee through a tube or into a bottle to prevent urine coming into contact with the sores. You can put lignocaine/lidocaine BP ointment on the area about 15 minutes before urinating to anaesthetize the area, or use petroleum jelly/Vaseline or Orabase on the sore as a barrier

      What can I do to prevent frequent recurrences?
      Try some of these suggestions from other people with herpes simplex:

      Try not to worry: worrying is known to affect the immune system and lower our ability to fight infections. The more you know about simplex, the less concerned you will be and since your immune system works best when you are not stressed, by worrying less you will be healthier. (Stress can also be a trigger factor for many other skin conditions, e.g. eczema, psoriasis.)
      Get enough sleep and avoid getting overtired. Have an early night every week and pamper yourself a little.
      Eat a well balanced, healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables every day.
      If in doubt about your diet, take a multivitamin and mineral pill.
      Taking 200 i.u. of vitamin E every day has been shown to boost the immune response.
      Cut down on smoking and excessive alcohol.
      Take regular exercise: 20 minutes brisk walk each day is a good start.
      Try taking one soluble aspirin each day with food: this has been reported effective by many people. It is not suitable if your stomach is delicate, for children, or if you have been told not to by a doctor.
      If the skin gets sore, this may trigger a recurrence. This may be the result of horse riding, bike riding or wearing tight trousers or underwear e.g. thongs.
      Sometimes having sex will trigger an outbreak. If this happens, use extra lubrication (KY) during sex and cool the area after sex with cold water or a cool damp flannel.
      Wear loose fitting cotton or silk underpants rather than those made with synthetic material.
      Women: try stockings or bare legs rather than tights.
      Avoid direct sunlight or ultraviolet rays from sunbeds on the site of infection, i.e. no nude sunbathing! If you have cold sores (facial herpes simplex), use a sunblock to protect your skin.

      If you prefer the idea of allopathic medicine (that means pills from the doctor) you can take aciclovir. It works in a way 'like a contraceptive pill for the virus' so while you are taking it, the virus cannot multiply properly and form blisters. It can be taken short-term to prevent an outbreak during a special weekend or holiday. It can be taken long-term if you are someone who gets lots of outbreaks.

    How to treat the pain from my first outbreak of genital HSV 1 Herpes?
    On Sunday I began to have a slight pain, but it became increasingly worse, Wednesday being the worst day so far. Thursday I went to the doctor who said I have HSV 1. Now its Saturday, and although its not as bad as Wednesday its still extremely painful and I don't know what to do. I'm taking Valtrex and Ibprofin, but I'm at college, and I don't have work off until next friday, so I'm forced to walk a lot and wear tight pants (to work) I also put some calaseptine ointment on it (thats what the doctor gave me before she confirmed it was Herpes) but when I walk, especially at work the pain is unbearable. =[
    I can't consult a dermatologist, I'm living at school. All I can do is go to health services which I already did. =[
    Thank youu, I'm just worried because I won't be able to go home for another week, this is my first year away from my parents and its scary lol =[ )

    • ANSWER:
      Epsom salts baths can work very well to help sooth your symptoms, you can also try applying some ice to the area when you get home. Stop with the IBprofin and only take Valtrex, you only really need one medication at a time to treat an out break of herpes. Also you don't really need the cream, you're supposed to keep the break out clean and dry to help speed up the healing process. Valtrex needs a couple of days to start working and for you to notice any difference. If you don't notice any difference with in 3-5 days of taking Valtrex then you should go back to the doctor.

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Natural Remedies Herpes Simplex

Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best natural remedy to treat Herpes Simplex Virus.?

    • ANSWER:
      Many people with herpes have reported that stress, increased exposure to the sun, viral infections, facial injuries and eating foods high in arginine, such as chocolate, peanuts and walnuts, may increase the chance and severity of outbreaks. In addition, some have found that excessive usage of antibiotics can limit the immune system's ability to keep the disease within the nerve ganglia. Allergic reactions can also trigger an outbreak, chronic herpes genitalis may be caused by a chronic undiagnosed low-level food allergy for example.

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Research On Herpes

Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is there very little research being done to find a cure for herpes?
    When I'm in the store I can see people taking money up for Cancer, like the pink ribbons, Aids and other diseases but none for herpes. I research on the internet but there's nothing I thank is real. The Doctor's are quick to tell you there’s no cure you have it for life and send you on your way.

    • ANSWER:
      To Prairie Girl: It is uneducated, ignorant, judgmental people like yourself who contribute to the mass ignorance about this disease. No not everyone who gets herpes is b/c of something they did. My sister caught this from her husband who was cheating on her. Did she deserve this for having sex with her husband?? And children may get it from their mothers. And what about a rape victim? And it ISN'T prevented by condoms, it can still be spread, and it most definitley has nothing to do with multiple partners. It only takes one time. You can even get it thru oral sex. You are a very mean spirited person who should think twice before opening your mouth and showing the world your stupidity.

    What is a creative way to start a research paper on Herpes Simplex Virus?

    • ANSWER:
      Try speaking to a local h group, you can find them at various websites, try meetup.com

    Research for Herpes...?
    I am trying to find the best website for VERY detailed facts and information on herpes. Not just symptoms and what not but an actual break down of herpes. Does anyone know of a good one? I've been to many websites but they all have very brief info and pretty much all the same stuff. Thanks.
    I am looking for doctor level information.

    • ANSWER:



      What type of herpes? http://chealth.canoe.ca/channel_section_details.asp?text_id=1364&channel_id=1020&relation_id=8287

      You can always search "google scholar" but you might want to be more specific

    Can this really be herpes?
    In january, i noticed what looked like an ingrown hair on the shaft of my penis. Needless to say its 9 months later, and its still there. As far as I've researched herpes would heal and come back, and this is just there.

    • ANSWER:
      I don't think this is herpes, it could be another in grown hair, boils or pearly papules. Herpes usually does pop scab over and heals back to normal looking skin with in a week or two. It doesn't usually stick around for months at a time. If you need to know for sure then have your doctor test you for herpes.

    I have been getting canker sores lately, does that mean I have herpes?
    I have been getting canker sores lately, and I went to the doctor here at my university. The doctor said that canker sores are caused by herpes, however research that I did on the internet says that canker sores have nothing to do with herpes.

    • ANSWER:
      canker sores are a form of the herpes virus. you need to wash out your mouth with uncle john's mouf clean betta. makes yo mouf spaklin' white and freshy too.

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About Herpes Virus

Famvir is an antiviral medication used for the treatment of various infections caused by the herpes virus (HSV). These infections are the herpes simplex virus 2 (genital herpes), herpes zoster (shingles) and herpes simplex 1 (cold sores). This medication has proved to be quite effective in controlling the outbreak of genital herpes. There is a large population of people who suffer from STIs like genital herpes, but they fail to recognise in its early stage as they produce mild or no symptoms at all and therefore it remains untreated. The most common symptoms of this sexually transmitted infection are sores and blisters around the genital area. These symptoms can also spread to other parts of body such as buttocks, scrotum or thighs, if not treated at an early stage.

Some people can experience few episodes of herpes outbreak, while some have to witness regular outbreak which can only be treated with the help of long term solutions. You can stop the occurrence of recurrent genital herpes outbreak with the help of single one-off treatment by taking it at the first symptom of this infection. Herpes infections are highly contagious and it generally spreads by having an unprotected sexual contact with an infected person. You should avoid coming in contact with an infected person and also coming in direct contact with an infected area of skin. It is advisable to wash your hands frequently in order to prevent the spreading of this infection to others.

The best way to take Famvir:

If you are looking for an effective treatment to genital herpes, you should take this medication only the way it is prescribed to you and not in larger amounts or for shorter duration than recommended by your doctor. It is better to get started with the treatment just after the first appearance of symptoms such as blisters, sore or tingling. You need to drink lots of water during the course of medication so that your kidneys are not affected. Famvir can be taken with or without food, but taking this medicine along with food can reduce the possibility of stomach upset.

You need to take this medication for the complete duration as prescribed by your doctor. Your symptoms may start getting better before the completion of course, but that should not make you stop taking the medication in between. It is not meant to treat viral infection such as cold or flu.If you witness lesions on your body then you should try to keep it dry and clean. If you wear lose clothes during this time then you may overcome the irritation caused by the lesions. You should contact a doctor if your experience some allergic reactions as a side effect of this medication. The common side effects are difficulty in breathing, swelling of your face, dizziness, diarrhoea, headache and itching.

Famvir can be purchased online through HealthExpress.eu so that you get your medication discreetly at your doorstep. You would be asked to go through a quick and confidential online consultation with a medical professional and doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

    How harmful to the body is the herpes virus?
    My friend recently confessed she has herpes and it's shocked me because she has a perfectly normal social life and looks totally heathly. She says she has breakouts and didn't know she had it. I'm confused about the virus, I know it stays in the body for life but is it harmful? Does it simply stay in the body dorment apart from these breakouts or does it damage organs and tissue slowly over time?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi dear ,
      There are currently eight known types of Human Herpesvirus:
      Herpes simplex type I

      Herpes simplex type II

      Varicella-zoster virus (VZV/HHV-3)

      Epstein-Barr virus (EBV/HHV-4)

      Cytomegalovirus (CMV/HHV-5)

      Human herpesvirus type 6 (HBLV/HHV-6)

      Human herpesvirus type 7 (HHV-7)

      Kaposi's sarcoma herpesvirus (KSHV/HHV-8
      Herpes simplex virus types I and II (HHV1 & 2)
      Primary infection occurs through a break in the mucus membranes of the mouth or throat, via the eye or genitals or directly via minor abrasions in the skin. Because of the universal distribution of the virus, most individuals are infected by 1-2 years of age; initial infection is usually asymptomatic, although there may be minor local vesicular lesions. Local multiplication is followed by viraemia and systemic infection; and subsequent life-long latent infection with periodic reactivation.

      Systemic infection, eg fever, sore throat, and lymphadenopathy may pass unnoticed. If immunocompromised it may be life-threatening with fever, lymphadenopathy, pneumonitis, and hepatitis.
      Gingivostomatitis: Ulcers filled with yellow slough appear in the mouth.
      Herpetic whitlow: A breach in the skin allows the virus to enter the finger, causing a vesicle to form. Often affects childrens' nurses.
      Traumatic herpes (herpes gladiatorum): Vesicles develop at any site where HSV is ground into the skin by brute force.
      Eczema herpeticum: HSV infection of eczematous skin; usually children.
      Herpes simplex meningitis: This is uncommon and usually self-limiting (typically HSV II in women during a primary attack) - see meningitis.
      Genital herpes: Usually HSV type 2 See genital herpes simplex
      HSV keratitis: Corneal dendritic ulcers. Avoid steroids.
      Herpes Simplex Encephalitis: Usually HSV type1. Spreads centripetally, eg from cranial nerve ganglia, to frontal and temporal lobes. Suspect if fever, fits, headaches, odd behaviour, dysphasia, hemiparesis, or coma or subacute brainstem encephalitis, meningitis, or myelitis; see HSV Encephalitis

      feel free to ask

    Can I transmit the herpes virus to anyone using my makeup?
    I'm especially concerned about occular herpes. I don't have occular herpes, but I do have genital herpes. Can someone who uses my eye makeup get the virus in her eyes?

    • ANSWER:
      It's not the best thing to share make up. Unless you use some ones lip liner for eye liner then it could happen but you would have to use it directly after some one with a visible cold sore used it.

    how long can the herpes virus live on the surface of things like a water bottle or straw?
    I have herpes, oral and genital, and people drink after me all the time. they know i have herpes, but does the virus stay alive on surfaces like that? or do people get it if i backwash and then they drink after me? nobody i know about has gotten it because of me, so i was just wondering.

    • ANSWER:
      The virus doesn't live for long periods of time when it's on objects or away from the body. It also doesn't survive very well in fluids. It's almost always passed through skin contact like kissing while you have an open cold sore. Or having oral sex or sexual intercourse while you have an out break.
      HSV1+ and HSV2+ just like you.

    Is it possible to be born with the oral herpes virus but not show signs until older?
    Just wondering cause' my mother said when she was giving birth to me, she might have transmitted herpes since she had genital herpes at the time, but she didn't think I got it since I didn't show any signs of herpes until I was about 7 or maybe a bit younger. So is it possible she passed the virus on to me? Or did I get it from some where else..

    • ANSWER:
      Actually everyone is born with Herpes
      It's called Herpes simplex 1
      and its pretty much cold sores. Really it's nothing to be scared about. If she did pass it on, again its still not a big deal this STD isn't that dangerous. Get yourself checked if you're still scared.

    How contagious is the herpes virus?
    I had unprotected sex about three weeks ago. Today, I learned the man I slept with has herpes. What's the chance that I got the virus? (He wasn't having an outbreak). A couple days after we had sex I experienced severe itchiness, but nothing other than that. I'm in the process of moving right now, and I heard that vaginal itch can be caused by stress? Either way, I need an answer.

    P.S. Please don't even bother telling me how dumb I am for not using a condom. I KNOW.

    • ANSWER:
      This virus is very contagious, as it can still be transmitted, or "shedded", even if the person is not experiencing an outbreak. Only time will tell if you've been infected.

      By the way, is this the same guy who's 25 years older than you and couldn't get it up?

about herpes virus

Treating Herpes Sores

Frequently Asked Questions

    What's the best way to suppress/ treat cold sores (herpes)?
    I'm 30 yrs old and have been getting cold sores (herpes) ever since I was 12yrs old and stupidly kissed a girl who was infected. Other than going to the Doctors and getting a prescription of Zovirax what do you find is the best way/remedy that you have to avoid getting cold sores or to keep them from getting bad? I'm american and get a few a winter and hate it. Oddly enough I lived in England for 3 1/2 yrs and only got 1 or 2 and they were way smaller and less noticable there. Weird.

    • ANSWER:
      Zovirax is good -- because it not only should shorten your outbreak but should reduce the shedding of the virus that continues to occur when the cold sore itself is gone.

      I have always found, for myself, that an ice cube applied at the very first tingling nips it in the bud. That's just my own personal experience. Abreva is also pretty good.

      A lot of people do swear by lysine -- if you are more prone during the winter then take the supplement daily.

    How do you treat genital herpes after they have presented in sores?

    • ANSWER:
      unfortunatly there isn't much u can use to treat the sores. its actually better to keep them clean and dry as possible so they can heal faster. there are medications to help heal and prevent out breaks.

    How can a treat a cold sore? And does it also mean that I have herpes?
    I have to on my bottom lip. They ain't big at all, its just that it burns and it itches at times, well more like I get the urge to rub them. Anyways how can I treat it? I had them before so this ain't nothing new to me. Also are cold sores herpes?
    Please ignore my name.

    • ANSWER:
      A few prescription antiviral medications, such as Penciclovir, Acyclovir, and Famciclovir, have been approved for treatment of herpes outbreaks. These medications do not cure herpes, and they have not been shown to be effective in preventing outbreaks, but they can speed up healing and reduce the severity of an outbreak. They are generally most effective if you start taking them as soon as you notice the first signs of an impending outbreak. If you have very frequent outbreaks, your doctor may prescribe these medications to be taken daily, even in the absence of symptoms, to suppress future outbreaks. Suppression therapy may be effective for some people, but clinical studies have not shown widespread success.

      Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV).So you have got herpes.About more experience you can check datingpoz.com,there are lots of people who have herpes on that web.They will show you experience.That maybe helpful to you.

    How do you treat a cold sore? And does it also mean that I have herpes?
    I have two on my bottom lip. They ain't big at all, its just that it burns and it itches at times, well more like I get the urge to rub them. Anyways how can I treat it? I had them before so this ain't nothing new to me. Also are cold sores herpes? (Please say no)

    • ANSWER:
      Signs and symptoms of herpes may include:

      A fever, headache, and muscle aches. Three days later, painful blisters and skin ulcers appear where you were infected. This may be your mouth, genital area, anus and/or rectum.
      Sores usually appear on both sides of the genitals during the first outbreak.
      Blisters may be "hidden" in your vagina.
      About a week after the skin rash, tender and swollen glands, or lymph nodes, may develop in your groin.

      If you do not get treatment, your rash and pain will usually go away within three to four weeks.
      I suggest you should go to see doctor,the earlier you go,the better you will get.You also can ask some people who have herpes on datingpoz.com.They will tell you the experience.

    cold sores herpes?
    if i hav a cold sore, should i get treated for herpes? cuz its a type of herpes. wat do u get first? bumps down there or cold sore?

    • ANSWER:
      its a different type of herpes...but if you give someone oral sex or get it from someone that has herpes it can form into genital herpes. get abreva at you drug store. it makes them go away faster.

treating herpes sores

Cures For Hsv 1

Frequently Asked Questions

    How close are the researchers on finding a cure for Herpes(HSV-1) ?
    When do you think approximately a treatment will be available to get rid of HSV-1?

    • ANSWER:
      are they very curious researchers? i think it is matter of days or minutes.

    I have tested positive for HSV- 1 (Herpes Simplex Virus-Type 1), is that dangerous and how to cure it?
    I'm basically from another country. I had unprotected sex with an American guy here and a few months later I get tested for STD, because I think I recognized some symptoms. The result is I have tested positive for HSV-1 (Herpes Simplex Virus-Type 1). I heard Herpes can't be cured and I'm not quiet sure if I can cure it. Is that really dangerous? I'm so worry now what should I do?

    • ANSWER:
      No.....u cant do anything to cure it. You can get some lotion to calm the symptoms down, but once you get it, its yours to keep.

    I seriously almost for sure know that I have HSV (1), a classmate said there was a cure already?
    I dont think there is a cure, but has there been any word of it? It sucks to have this virus because I've never had my first kiss and now whos going to want to kiss someone with cold sores??? I havnt done anything sexual in my teens and now suddenly I get an std, I fear I have other stds too, has there been word of a cure for any stds or viruses???
    I never did anything in my Teen years so far, I'm still 15. Take this llightly when I say that I done some stuff as a child that was "wrong"
    I have done a couple of sexual things as a child so I most likely have an std
    i feel like my life is over

    • ANSWER:
      They are working on one but there is no cure for it yet on the market. Yes it's sucks but many people live normal lives with it.
      Cold sores are not considered to be an std because you can get them with out ever having sex, They are commonly passed during child hood by being innocently kissed by some one that has cold sores. HSV below the waist is an std.
      You're life is not over. Just take some precautions. Don't ever kiss or give any one oral sex while you have an out break. HSV1 is very contagious while there are any sings of an out break. It's safer to kiss when you have no signs of an out break. Believe it or not there are people out there that can accept you and love you even if you happen to get cold sores. Also cold sores are very common to have so there is a good chance you could meet some one that has cold sores too.

    Does HSV-1 get worse when you're really old?
    I have HSV-1, I think I got it when I was a kid like a little over 10 years ago but I'm wondering about when I get older like around that really old age when the immune system is weak. Does that mean the HSV-1 will give me more outbreaks at that age and is it going to spread more on my body, do the antibodies like deterioriate at that age, like when I would need flu shots?

    I think my grandmother has it and she seems fine, I believe she's near 80. But I'm not too sure...

    I am still hopeful for a cure though, Harvard said they found a cure for herpes in mice and Duke University said they knew how it stays hidden and now they're trying to find something so it can't hide and remains active and anti-viral drugs can fully kill it.

    • ANSWER:
      This is true, you could get more outbreaks as your immune system wanes. But more scary, herpes can cause really nasty diseases like encephalitis or keratitis. So if your herpes gets really bad, it can eat away at your brain and make you blind.

      Better pray for that cure!

    I might have HSV-1 (Will I Go Blind) Awnser if you Know !!!?
    Well I do have HSV-1 and I bet you do to, if you have had a cold sore then you are infected with HSV-1.

    Okay well I have had a cold sore on my lip for a while now, but I dont care about that I always get cold sores.

    I Now have an infection in my eye now because i touched my eye after touching my cold sore. I have it in one eye and I herd it can lead to blindness. Is it Rare ? and I have the Infection in my right eye will I get the herpes in my left eye aswell ?

    I am scared because The HSV-1 aka Cold Sore might of turned in to Ocular Herpes witch is basically HSV-1 in my eye..

    So just awnser these qustions:

    . If i do have Ocular Herpes will I go blind for SURE.

    . I currently have the infection in my right eye, and I read on a couple of sites that the infection is in one eye. Will it ifect my other eye later ?

    . If the infection does go in my left eye will go blind in that eye to ?

    . I know there is no cure but is it rare to go blind or is there a pretty good chance i will ?
    Sorry for the grammar I wrote this really fast.
    Okay i went to the Doctors today he looked at my eye and said pink eye and I dont think i have pink eye i think he was to lazy to see what i have.

    My eyes are not pink.

    • ANSWER:
      Can't say if you'll go blind for sure b/c everyone is different and since you know you can get treatment for it.Herpes simplex is a very common virus affecting the skin, mucous membranes, nervous system, and the eye. There are two types of herpes simplex. Type I causes cold sores or fever blisters and may involve the eye. Type II is sexually transmitted and rarely causes ocular problems.

      Nearly everyone is exposed to the virus during childhood. Herpes simplex is transmitted through bodily fluids, and children are often infected by the saliva of an adult. The initial infection is usually mild, causing only a sore throat or mouth. After exposure, herpes simplex usually lies dormant in the nerve that supplies the eye and skin.

      Later on, the virus may be reactivated by stress, heat, running a fever, sunlight, hormonal changes, trauma, or certain medications. It is more likely to recur in people who have diseases that suppress their immune system. In some cases, the recurrence is triggered repeatedly and becomes a chronic problem.

      When the eye is involved, herpes simplex typically affects the eyelids, conjunctiva, and cornea. Keratitis (swelling caused by the infection), a problem affecting the cornea, is often the first ocular sign of the disease. In some cases, the infection extends to the middle layers of the cornea, increasing the possibility of permanent scarring. Some patients develop uveitis, an inflammatory condition that affects other eye tissues.

      Signs and Symptoms


      Red eye


      Light sensitivity

      Irritation, scratchiness

      Decreased vision (dependent on the location and extent of the infection)

      Herpes simplex is diagnosed with a slit lamp examination. Tinted eye drops that highlight the affected areas of the cornea may be instilled to help the doctor evaluate the extent of the infection.

      Treatment of herpes simplex keratitis depends on the severity. An initial outbreak is typically treated with topical and sometimes oral anti-viral medication. The doctor may gently scrape the affected area of the cornea to remove the diseased cells. Patients who experience permanent corneal scarring as a result of severe and recurrent infections may require a corneal transplant to restore their vision.

cures for hsv 1

Cure For Herpes News

Frequently Asked Questions

    T>V news report possible cure for genital herpes?
    I heard on local ( possibly national) T>V about a new treatment, possible cvure for genital herpes, do you have, or do you know where I can get further information

    • ANSWER:
      There is no cure available right now but if there is a new treatment out there, it is probably undergoing clinical trials. I would suggest looking at sites explaining which new drugs are currently being tested for effectiveness.

      Keep in mind that it may be while before these drugs become available to the public if they are shown to be good but you can always see if you can sign up for one of the studies.

      Some of the drugs they are testing are: Famvir, Acyclovir, Valtrex

      Just a note about the Chinese medicine comment I saw: they don't cure herpes but they work in pretty much the same way as any of the commercial drugs

    Is it possiable to cure the herpes completely?
    I hear there is no cure for herpes. How disappointed news. Or can I do something to prevent outbreaks?

    I had posted my problem on one of my blog, but get few answers, Would you please give me your better solution here or reply me on my blog: http://www.positivesingles.com/blog/hgirlemily

    • ANSWER:
      So far there is no cure for herpes.

      There are medications out there to help with outbreaks and help suppress the virus though.

      Some medications include:
      acyclovir (Zovirax)
      famciclovir (Famvir)
      valacyclovir (Valtrex)

      There are also over the counter medications for cold sores such as Abreva.

    when is gonna be a cure for herpes?
    what good news have scientific about a cure for herpes?
    oh i dont have it.
    how do i know that i got tested 4 times just to make sure and im gonna get tested again i just start think while i was waiting for the doctor thanks tho!

    • ANSWER:

    a cure for genital herpes?
    i was just wondering if anyone has heard anything about any news on a cure?

    • ANSWER:
      No, I haven't.

    Tansy: cure for herpes? Has anyone tried it?




    • ANSWER:
      It doesnt work

cure for herpes news